About the book

What has dance got to do with the Trinity, a hospital bed to do with gratitude, or email to do with prayer? With these and other everyday starting points Malcolm Nicholas explores our relationship with the divine, and with the world.

Journey into Spiritual Spaciousness is an invitation to set aside the barriers that limit our spiritual vision. Since those same barriers often give us a sense of security, this involves risk, but for those willing to venture outside their comfort zone, the rewards are great.

So this book is for any who find religion constraining, as though its coat is three sizes too small. It is for those who ask ‘Where is the wriggle room . . . the space to be myself with integrity; the opportunity to question without condemnation; the freedom to journey in true exploration rather than mere compliance?’ It invites you into the rich mystery of God’s love, and to live the faith questions rather than necessarily demanding all the answers.

Written from a Christian perspective, Journey into Spiritual Spaciousness is designed to be accessible both to those who enjoy reading, and to those who seldom read anything longer than a magazine article. Its stand-alone chapters in A to Z format make it a helpful book for a special time of reflection, a ‘story at bedtime’, or a mine for discussion-starters, as well as traditional reading from cover to cover. Despite its easy style, it is by no means lightweight in substance.

Rooted in the belief that the love, care and concern of the divine extends to all humankind irrespective of race, gender or creed, and that the imprint of divine presence is to be found in all people, it seeks to be respectful, accepting and kind to every person, denomination, tradition, and faith, to those who feel their faith is pretty wobbly at best, and to those who feel they have no faith at all. As an ordained priest, Malcolm Nicholas writes out of wide experience across the ecumenical spectrum. As a longstanding member of the Northumbria Community – a world-wide dispersed monastic community which draws on Celtic insights and contemplative practice – his writing displays a commitment to an integrated spirituality which knows no sacred/secular divide, and a willingness to question inherited assumptions and the false barriers and divisions upon which they too often depend.


ABOUT THE author

Born in East London, Malcolm Nicholas worked as a Biomedical Scientist before becoming an Anglican parish priest. Married to Tina, they have two children, a fist-full of grandchildren, and recently two great-grandchildren. Together they keep his feet firmly on the ground, and his writing rooted in everyday realities. His own journey has included wide ecumenical experience and membership of a New Monastic Community; he delights in the spiritual richness these have brought.

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